"Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly." – G. K. Chesterton

The story goes like this.  Two weeks ago, Rolling Stone magazine published a lengthy article about a brutal rape that supposedly took place in a frat house at the University of Virginia.  According to the magazine, a young woman named “Jackie” was lead upstairs to a darkened room and gang-raped by a group of frat boys for several hours.  Afterwards she fled the house and encountered three friends, who encouraged her not to report the crime or go to the hospital.  Jackie suffered severe mental trauma.  She contacted the university’s officer in charge of sexual assault claims, but nothing came of that.

Now that Rolling Stone has brought the story to light, everyone’s in a tizzy.  Other national media outlets took the story at face value.  Outraged protestors stormed around the UVA campus.  The frat house where the alleged assault took place was thoroughly vandalized.  Administrators promised swift and decisive action, starting with abolishing all Greek life activity at UVA for the next several weeks.  Some commentators speculated that this would be a turning point in the struggle to bring the problem of on-campus sexual assault to light.  The entire country seemed to be marching in lock-step in response to Rolling Stone’s article.

Then reality caught up.

It began when Richard Bradley, veteran journalist and editor, published a skeptical take on the article, noting obvious flaws and logical contradictions.  That was on Nov. 24.  Then, on Nov. 28, the Washington Post dug in, pointing out that the author, Sabrina Rubin Erdely, hadn’t carefully interviewed enough witnesses and had made other mistakes.  Yesterday, Reason magazine asked whether the whole story was a gigantic hoax.  Today the floodgates burst open: outlets ranging from the Wall Street Journal to the L. A. Times to The New Republic have started asking serious questions, and Erdely seems to be on the run, not wanting to talk to anyone anymore.

(In my next post, I’ve gathered together some evidence that it is all a hoax.)

Comments on: "Is the UVA Rape Story a Gigantic Hoax? Probably." (2)

  1. I’ve been trolling google hits for “UVA rape hoax” ever since I read the Richard Bradley piece when it was linked by the iSteve blog, about four days ago. The buildup was as you described it.

    The details of the account are so preposterous that the only options lie somewhere between heavily-embellished fabrication and outright hoax. It doesn’t help that the reporterette went fishing for a rape story at elite universities, and appears to have suspended sanity if “Jackie” is indeed her source and “victim.”

    The next big “break” in the story will come from any debunking evidence the fraternity may have–for instance I read in the comments section at RS that no one matching the scant description of “Drew” (lifeguard, junior in 2012) existed at Phi Psi at the time. This may be hearsay itself, but one has to think there are numerous disgruntled Phi Psis at UVA who’d make for a great source if one wanted to totally dismantle this story.

  2. Its time we start realizing that Feminism has failed. It has corrupted education and academia. It has created manginas out of politicians and in the end these women are less happy and hardly produce anything for society for the tremendous investment and crap we have to put up with in dealing with women. Face it WOMEN lie about many things. False accusations where men are accused of rape, domestic violence, molesting a child in a custody, fabricating false evidence to facilitate a lie, parental alienation – THEY lie and its not 2%. Its has high as 50%. And because more women come out with a similar story about the same guy is not a testament to the truth – but an indication of a bigger feminist problem – as a group women are willing to excuse other women who are doing somehting unethical – they even will try to convince you that – well that might not have been so in this case, but there are others… OR a false accusation will help men better understand women and not have to “manspalin” everything. I have had it.

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