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The Quaker’s new ‘doo.

Today’s blog post concerns the topic of the Quaker Oats icon.  I’m sure you recognize him.

He looks good enough to me, happy and iconic anda decent sort to bear the banner of the only brand of cereal named after a religious denomination.  (At least I’ve never heard of “Coptic Cheerios” or “Presbyterian Fruit Loops”.)  But apparently his owner, Pepsico, is not happy with him, because they’re giving him a face lift.  The new Quaker Oats guy will have a thinner face and shorter hair.

Whatever happens, I hope it’s not as drastic as what happened to the Sun-Maid Raisin woman:



Apparently she got implants.

A good ad.

I made my feelings about advertising known in this post.  But while advertising as a whole makes the world a more crude and ugly place, that doesn’t mean that every advertisement in existence is bad.  Once in a while somebody produces a commercial that’s particularly witty, clever, or sweet, that deserves recognition in its own right even if its is designed to convince people to part with their money.  This is such a commercial;

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