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Updated election predictions: Obama still winning

Last spring I predicted that Barack Obama would pull out a narrow victory over Mitt Romney in the Presidential election.  The polls have consistently shown Obama leading by a slim margin.  Obviously I have great psychic powers and am able to predict the future.

Or not.  As it happens, I predicted that Obama would win by “between one and two percentage points”.  Most recent polls show him with a much larger margin, possibly as much as nine percentage points.  One thing is for sure: the dude is gonna’ win.

I could give you a state-by-state analysis of the polls to show that statistically, it’s nearly certain that Obama will win the electoral college.  Better statisticians than I have already done that, however, and in any case it’s not necessary.  Everyone seems aware that Romney is circling the drain.  Or, if I may shift metaphors, Tim Pawlenty is the latest rat to get off this particular sinking ship.  It’s impossible to imagine Romney winning this election because he’s such a lousy candidate.  We might as well start writing the obituaries now.  Or better yet, let’s just offer the Republicans some advice for 2016.

  • Find a candidate who is not a Mormon.
  • Find a candidate who did not amass a huge fortune by destroying American companies, short-changing investors, and sending jobs overseas.
  • Find a candidate who’s willing to offer actual economic and foreign policies, rather than dodging every question with vague promises.
  • Find a candidate who can actually articulate conservative ideas and the case for those ideas.

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