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It’s Easter!

Actually it isn’t, at least not according to the official timers.  It’s 11:14 PM in the eastern time zone as I write this.  According to Jewish tradition, however, a day actually starts at sunset and lasts until the next sunset.  The Jews as we all know were very wise, and it’s demonstrated by the fact that they came up with an excuse to start every holiday a few hours early.  Today we can time the beginning of the holiday by the ancient Jewish tradition and the ending by modern timekeeping and thus actually stretch the length of the holiday out a bit.  So with that said, it’s Easter!  Start the party by enjoying one of the greatest Easter hymns:

I first heard this hymn while attending Easter service at a Methodist Church in Sperryville.  They told me that it was written by Charles Wesley, and that we Methodists should take pride in the fact that folks all over the world were singing our song today.  The truth is actually a bit more complicated.  There are ten stanzas in total, though most hymnals only contain five or six.  Three of the stanzas come from an old Latin hymn that existed long before Wesley’s time.  He does get credit for translating them into English and adding the other seven, so the hymn is really a collaborative effort, Catholic and Protestant, old and new.  I might even say that it’s symbolic of how the truth of the resurrection transcends boundaries.

The lyrics in their entirety can be found here, with music: http://www.hymntime.com/tch/htm/c/t/l/ctlrisen.htm

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