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Funny Stuff

Having nothing better to do with my life, I’ve decided to mention two things that I found funny in the past 24 hours.

First, there is a corporation called Smurfit.  Actually, not really.  It’s called Smurfit-Stone.  But it does exist.  Here is their website.  Apparently they make cardboard boxes.

Now consider this for a moment.  Suppose you worked for the Smurfit-Stone Corporation.  Would you be able to say with a straight face that you represent the Smurfit-Stone Corporation?  Would you be able to look at your own advertisements or stationary without cracking up?  I doubt that I would.  Even if I were just in a meeting with representatives of the Smurfit-Stone Corporation, I would probably giggle constantly.

Second, I just received a check from the Disney Corporation.  The check was for $3.15, which is the accumulated dividends from the single share of Disney stock that I’ve owned for about twenty years.  My grandfather bought it for me at age nine or thereabouts because I’d expressed interest in the stock market during a trip to New York.  I collected dividents through high school, but Disney lost track of me when I went to college.  My dividends kept piling up, but apparently there were sending checks to addresses that I left many years ago.  Now they’ve finally found me and payed me $3.15.  Don’t I feel special!

What’s really funny about this is that it emphasizes how the corporate world is so totally divorced from human concerns.  Ultimately they probably spent more than $3.15 to track me down and give me the check.  However, it was all automatic, all computerized.  Nowhere was any human being involved who could say: “Wait!  Stop!  We’re spending a ridiculous amount of money to deliver a check for $3.15!”  Instead, the process simple grinds on, oblivious to reason, logic, or common sense.

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