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Shall we Gather at the River

One of the great benefits of converting to Christianity was that it opened up new worlds of music.  I have known since I was a kid that there were a bunch of hymns out there but I never paid attention to them.  In the world at large there’s little opportunity to hear hymns outside of church, except during the Christmas season when Christmas music gets poured out in excessive quantities almost everywhere.  Even then, the part that one hears in malls and other public places is only a small fraction of what’s out there.

I’ve been a Christian for six years as of this month and I’m still discovering new hymns all the time.  One of my most recent finds is Shall we Gather at the River.  This hymn is not at all complicated is terms of music, writing, or rhyming.  Indeed, its very simplicity is part of its appeal.  For any well-known hymn, you can search on YouTube and find numerous performances and arrangements.  This is one of my favorites:

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