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Who’s gonna win

After a bruising and amusing primary season, the Republicans have finally chosen Mitt Romney as their presidential candidate.  That leaves us with the following matchup: Obama vs. Romney.

In 1945, most professional baseball players were in the military, and the World Series featured a mediocre matchup of the Cubs and the Tigers.  Sportswriter Walter Brown said, “I don’t think either of them can win.”  This race can’t help but remind me of that comment.  These candidates are so weak that it’s hard to imagine either emerging victorious.

One thing is clear at least.  Neither major party has much trust in their candidates ability to rally the crowds, motivate his supporters, and cruise to victory.  Both sides clearly believe that the only way to win is to play dirty, and the below-the-belt hits have already begun.  With the existence of Superpacs , there will be a lot more money in this race than any previous one, and thus a lot more advertisements.  Those of you with televisions–I have none–may wish to preemptively take a sledgehammer and break your screens now, rather than risk letting all that bile spill into your living room.

Lastly, even in the ’45 series, somebody did manage to win.  (It was the Tigers.)  So I suppose one of these two guys will stumble into the White House next January, and I might as well give my prediction.  Here it is: Obama wins by between one and two percent.  You heard it here first.

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