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Politician carves up desk

In the current political environment, there are some stories that would be funny if they weren’t so frightening.  The way that Congressional Republicans are toying around with causing the federal government to default on its debts because they’re so terrified of their own party’s fringe element is one such story.  Then there are stories that actually are funny.  This is one of them.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — A freshman Tennessee lawmaker who admits carving her initials into her desk in the state House chamber is going to have to pay to fix it.

House Speaker Beth Harwell said Tuesday that Rep. Julia Hurley‘s initials will be removed at the fellow Republican lawmaker’s expense.

“In the excitement of being a freshman at the end of session, Representative Hurley etched her initials into her desk,” said Harwell, a Nashville Republican.

“As with any state property, we will take action to have the desk restored and I’m sure Representative Hurley will be more than happy to compensate the state to make the repairs.”

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